Cultural Studies Essay: How can psychoanalytical theory help us?


How can psychoanalytical theory help us to reconsider the link between bodies and gender? Theories about the relationship between bodies and gender have frequently used a psychoanalytical approach as a philosophical and political tool to address the construction of gendered identities. This essay aims to delve deeper into psychoanalysis using the theories of Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan to reconsider the link between bodies and gender. From the outset it is essential to outline the meaning of psychoanalysis. Coriat (1999: 11-12) defines psychoanalysis to be the most recent advanced analysis and treatment for neuroses, the study of “man’s unconscious motives and desires as shown in various nervous disturbances and in certain manifestations of everyday life”. The use of psychoanalysis provides us with a valuable tool to comprehend the hidden dimension of human sexuality, which is an important factor in our society in terms of inequalities between the sexes. This brief will (1) explore Freud and Lacan’s approach to human sexuality

Health Essay: The Accumulated Evidence of Lung Cancer


The Accumulated Evidence of Lung Cancer and Environmental Tobacco Smoking (ETS) and Intervention Programs on ETS in the United Kingdom: A Systematic Review ABSTRACT Tobacco smoking is considered to be the main risk factor and an equal threat to health for youth and adults. In the UK, it remains as a major problem with its linkage to lung cancer in the past decades. Along with tobacco smoking, environmental tobacco smoking (ETS) has also been considered as a major factor in the development of lung cancer. As such, such ETS has generated interest and research not only in the UK but worldwide. The main aim of this research was to conduct a systematic review of literature that would present studies on environmental tobacco smoking (ETS) and assess a wide-ranging ETS control program. This research also expounded on baseline information available on ETS and ETS control programs as the latter is believed to be an important measure in decreasing the risk of

Creativity and Uniqueness in Essay Writing

Essay writing is relevant. It is important. Students need to write essays. They submit these as school term requirements and answer essay questions in tests. They are not required to do so without good reason. As learners, they need to know how to perform this writing exercise because they will use the knowledge in their future career and in life. Whether it be in school, work or personal affairs, essay writing requires creativity and uniqueness. Writing essays in school, work or for personal purposes involve goals. You have an aim like informing, narrating, entertaining, proving a point, persuading or convincing. You can have one of these or a mix of two or more. Achieve you goals and working towards achieving them, your writing should be creative and unique. Creativity and Uniqueness Creativity and uniqueness may seem two similar concepts. They do have similarities but they are different in academic essay writing which is done in school and also outside it.

Masters Coursework Plagiarism

  Masters coursework requires a lot of safeguard from plagiarism. Even though masters students should already be very good in avoiding plagiarism, there is still a lot that needs to be done in safeguarding against it when you write your coursework. This is because the coursework in the masters studies level is very sensitive and subject to scrutiny. Professors, academics and even other masters students can easily detect plagiarism because these persons in the masters studies set up are proportionately better than those in the lower levels. Aside from this, your coursework should be strong against plagiarism detection of any kind because it is of the masters category. Completely Plagiarism-Free – It is mandatory that your masters coursework must be entirely your own. No portion may be exempt from plagiarism scrutiny and, thus, it must be that no portion is created stealing ideas from other people of any source. So that you will not be charged of stealing other persons’ ideas, information and principles, you

Problems Faced by Veterans When Transitioning to Campus

Problems Faced by Veterans When Transitioning to Campus

Armed service members who go back to school after combat or non-combat base assignment face issues in the transition. They will encounter challenges and experience stress which are unique to them. More than the change from backpack to the school bag or the rope lashed camp table for the cafeteria and the Type A fatigue overalls giving way to the school uniform or casual clothes, there are deeper problems they will need to address. Armed service personnel coming from tours of duty or station posts who return to college bring with them deeply rooted trauma on their mind and feelings. They have inculcated the personality of having hypervigilance and which was molded by working and living conditions which are highly stressful. When they go back to school, they will have difficulties. As they attempt to cope, they will fail and feel frustrated. This will greatly affect their studies. It is not only academics that they will feel new to. They


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