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When completing academic essays for a coursework assignment, it is important for students to provide the proper referencing as well. Referencing is loosely termed as the act of crediting sources included in any written composition. Referencing reflects the students’ act of intensive research before their professors, ensuring that the essays they have written are sound and accurate.

If the students’ research leads them to consult many sources, they will be spending a lot of time reading. Not every source will turn out to be useful. Once the students have decided that a certain source is useful, students may take a few times noting the source of the information for their reference.

The main purpose of referencing in an essay is to document the sources and to give credit to the proponent whose words or ideas are being used in the essay or dissertation. It assists other students and readers to look for other sources if they wish to pursue a topic related to what the essay has discussed. It ultimately prevents students from committing plagiarism, an unethical act of assuming ownership of certain ideas, thoughts or concepts that are not originally theirs.

December 28, 2010 at 11:05 pm by admin
An Essay Can Be Written in Many Ways

Most of you may have the impression that an essay is written using only one system. There are some of you who may think that they have to get inside libraries or some locked up room before they can finish their essays with a flourish. Some might find this kind of approach effective, but what about those that cannot think properly in areas that have stiff chairs or poor lighting?

There is actually more than one correct approach to an essay writing task. And this would depend on you and how you work best as a student. There are developmentalists who stress on the importance of identifying a person’s multiple intelligences since a person’s abilities can easily determine the kind of work method that works best for that said person. This further strengthens the philosophy that a person has different approaches they use that make the person more effective.

December 9, 2010 at 1:13 am by admin
How to Reference Using the Vancouver System

The Vancouver referencing system, apart from the Harvard and Oxford systems, is one of the formats that academics use widely for essays in subject areas related to the Physical Sciences, specifically in Medicine. Essays that require scientific systems and justification must have previous data as part of the supporting points for the academics. This is made possible by the Vancouver referencing system.

Any scientific research work is not valid and important if students do not know how to credit the sources they have used for their essay assignment. Referencing is even more important in scientific essays since it shows that the essays are based on factual academic sources. Any format for referencing assists the readers in locating the sources themselves if they find them interesting.

December 3, 2010 at 1:04 am by admin

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