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What most students may not completely understand about the essays they compose could be the particular way these are being assessed by their professors. Since the professors use the essays as a review tool to evaluate the learning progress of their students, they have already prepared a set of criteria that will determine the effectiveness and quality of the essay. One of the factors that has always secured a failing mark is the act of plagiarism detected in the essay. Plagiarism is an unethical act that easily equates to cheating, and students who are discovered to commit the reprehensible practice are deemed to reflect academically unbecoming behaviour.

Regrettably, though, the act of plagiarism may be committed unintentionally by some students. There are those who may have failed to properly include complete references on their essays. There are also others who may not have thoroughly checked their work for any preexisting similarities. No matter how apparently original a certain idea, sentence or paragraph may be, if it contains textual similarities to any existing output, the students concerned are still considered to have committed plagiarism.

July 27, 2011 at 12:12 am by admin

The act of conducting systematic research facilitates the eventual success of the entire essay. Without research, a student’s essay is doomed and will eventually fail since the facts and points presented are based on unfounded knowledge. Characteristically, the essay appears as if it was haphazardly finished with no initial preparation at all since there is no background information and other sources presented in the written work. This is one of the causes of the essay’s demerits, and students must avoid this from happening—after all, the essay is one of the integral aspects that make up the overall academic standing of the students.

Most students find it hard to conduct a research especially if they still do not have a clear-cut purpose and direction in writing: what they are exactly looking for and where to find it. In this case, students can at least prepare an essay outline beforehand so they will know what to look for. This will save the students a lot of time because they will only spend their time looking for the kind of information they will exactly need for their essays.

July 27, 2011 at 12:09 am by admin

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