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Guidelines for undertaking coursework studies will help you in successfully completing your studies by coursework. The requirements can include literature review, minor project, research proposal, seminar presentation and coursework writing. You will discuss with your supervisor the details of the research project you will propose. After which you will immediately start the literature survey if you are accepted to the research option of completion. You can start the minor project in the same semester or after.

Function of the research option is to give you training on research methods which you will use in your research requirements in academics and your future professional career. You will accumulate actual experience which you will need in higher studies. If you choose the research option, you are expected to develop an approach to framing and addressing research questions which approach is critical and rigorous. You should also aim to develop skills necessary in independent research specifically regarding sampling design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation relating to the research field.

February 27, 2013 at 6:14 am by admin

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