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An Overview of an Effective Essay Conclusion

In many aspects, the essay conclusion serves as the final stage where the students convince their readers on the soundness of the ideas they have presented. A strong and effective conclusion satisfies the readers with the closure the students have presented in their essay. To be worthy as such, the conclusion must not confuse the readers due to lingering unanswered questions they have acquired after reading the whole essay.

Content of the essay conclusion. Since the essay conclusion provides the most important points the author wants to convey, it is advisable that students avoid introducing a completely different topic in this stage. It will only baffle the readers on what is the real message the essay is trying to impart. The conclusion may suggest another angle that the essay has not fully covered in case the readers wish to explore the topic or issue that the essay has presented. The essay conclusion must not also be redundant in the sense that it only repeats what the essay has already said in detail through the essay body. It may present the proven and established statements from the essay’s presentation of facts — or rephrase the major idea presented in the essay introduction to link the introduction and conclusion.

Organisation of the essay conclusion. Sentences must be properly constructed so the readers will easily get the ideas of the essay. It must have clear transitions in thoughts and points of emphases as well so that the discussion will not suffer from a disjointed shift in ideas, especially from the essay body to the essay conclusion. Take note of grammar errors, punctuation rules and capitalisation and correct them once they are spotted.

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