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Problems Faced by Veterans When Transitioning to Campus

Armed service members who go back to school after combat or non-combat base assignment face issues in the transition. They will encounter challenges and experience stress which are unique to them. More than the change from backpack to the school bag or the rope lashed camp table for the cafeteria and the Type A fatigue overalls giving way to the school uniform or casual clothes, there are deeper problems they will need to address.

Armed service personnel coming from tours of duty or station posts who return to college bring with them deeply rooted trauma on their mind and feelings. They have inculcated the personality of having hypervigilance and which was molded by working and living conditions which are highly stressful.

April 1, 2014 at 5:48 am by Author

The fear of writing is a true, existent and relevant problem. Some students fail or achieve less in their schooling because they fear it and, in the process, not able to develop and improve in it and in their studies in general. The fear of writing is even the cause of the underachievement or failure of some people who are no longer in school and are now in the job market. They do not have the writing skills or the confidence to face written job application examinations to advance in their career.

Students, graduates and employees who fear writing should overcome it. There are many ways dealing with it. And the fear of writing is not only when you do not know how to write, you can also feel it even when you already know how to. There are fears of not being able to develop, improve and advance in this skill. These are the different fears of writing.

March 21, 2014 at 12:13 am by Author

A large part of making a coursework is reading. You need to review your course reference text and read other materials to research. Because you still have other tasks to do and give time to in this endeavour for this school term, you need to maximise the use of time and effort. You need to choose what you read and read them fast but efficiently.

In reading for your coursework, you can scan and skim what you are reading. In fact, you even need to do this and not merely do scanning and skimming as an option. Looking through the home of your favourite social network for posts you can be interested in is an example of scanning. We can use it as an analogy to scanning reference materials to read and use in your work. You only need to select the ones which are relevant.

You can determine which portions are relevant. One way to do this is through the introduction or preface of a material. You can also read the first and last paragraphs of chapters. They include the important points of a material. Get key words from these paragraphs and just scan through the material to look for the words

April 24, 2012 at 4:38 am by admin

The role of students in completing their coursework assignments is very crucial. They are the ones being evaluated with the courseworks they submit. If they want to get better marks in their studies, they must also perform outstandingly in their coursework assignments, especially in their essay writing tasks.

In education theory, the learner is the central focus of the entire learning process. Consequently any activity carried out by an educator must make sure that it fosters the learning progress of the student. In more specific terms, a professor concerned can only proceed to another lesson that requires a higher level of comprehension if it can be determined with certainty that the students have already acquired the necessary learning inputs in the form of cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills required to proceed.

March 15, 2011 at 1:43 am by admin

Studying a university programme is so much different than when you were still in secondary school. On the one hand, you have to be proficient in managing your time amongst all the things that partake your university coursework. The bulk of it comes in the form of university essays. On the other, you will find yourself somewhat burdened with the amount of writing that you need to know for just one subject. And if you put all of them together, it can really be overwhelming.

There are still a lot of things that comprise university coursework but due to the sheer amount of essays that you would have to write during your university years, most students consider this to be the bulk of their academic requirements. The first time a student writes a university essay would normally take a lot longer since these kinds of things need some getting used to. It is not the hardest thing in the world, but it can be the most tedious especially if it’s your first time to write. One fine example would be UK essays. Most professors would prefer the UK style of writing because of the degree of research that it entails and the formality of language used.

March 3, 2011 at 1:37 am by admin

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