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No matter what educational level you are in, there are certain general principles you may use to help you set up a schedule in completing your essay writing assignments. The first principle is to set your goals. Determine what you want to achieve from your essay and work out a plan that will help you meet that goal.

Plan for your learning style. Students have their own learning style. Your schedule, then, must be able to fit in the style that works best for you. Do not schedule your actual writing of the essay draft in the mornings if you know you are least productive during these times. If you can plan your schedule knowing your limitations, you can also schedule it according to your identified strengths.

February 2, 2011 at 2:46 am by admin

Your essay writing task may seem difficult to accomplish since you think that once your professor has given you the assignment, you have to only finish it in one setting. This will be a time when you have finally conceptualised everything in your head so it can be easily deposited in your writing.

If this has been your mindset all along, it is no surprise that you have acquired lower marks in most of your essays. An essay is such a meaningful piece of written content that must be prepared properly. Your professor may not always give you ample time to submit your essays so critical thinking is a must before putting your thoughts into writing. Rather, you are given enough time to break down your essay writing into chronologically arranged tasks to make sure that almost all the elements in the essay are properly covered.

January 25, 2011 at 2:19 am by admin

Talent and skill are two different things, although they are usually interchanged in usage. A talent is something that a person naturally has since birth. A skill, on the other hand, is something that can be easily developed through practice and skill. Unlike what most people usually believe, essay writing is a skill as well.

In the cognitive stage, you are still determining the essential elements of the skill and the actions you must do to develop the skill. In essay writing, particularly, you have to fully identify and determine what the essay is—what it is, what purpose it serves, what minor tasks and skills are integrated with it and what habits you must develop before you master it, among others. If you have understood the essential elements that contribute to the development of your essay writing skill, you have greater chances of mastering it.

January 14, 2011 at 12:31 am by admin
An Essay Can Be Written in Many Ways

Most of you may have the impression that an essay is written using only one system. There are some of you who may think that they have to get inside libraries or some locked up room before they can finish their essays with a flourish. Some might find this kind of approach effective, but what about those that cannot think properly in areas that have stiff chairs or poor lighting?

There is actually more than one correct approach to an essay writing task. And this would depend on you and how you work best as a student. There are developmentalists who stress on the importance of identifying a person’s multiple intelligences since a person’s abilities can easily determine the kind of work method that works best for that said person. This further strengthens the philosophy that a person has different approaches they use that make the person more effective.

December 9, 2010 at 1:13 am by admin
Writing to Expound

How you are going to write your essay will largely depend on the set of instructions given for your essay writing assignment. It is very important that you completely understand the instructions given before starting with your essay writing task. You must be able to analyse the topic or instruction and identify the requirements and scope of work you are about to undertake. In this stage, you may start underlining the instruction word used and figure out if it requires you to expound or place an argument for your essay.

When you are writing to expound, you have to make a certain topic more understandable and comprehensive to your readers by explaining what this topic is all about. Its main aim is to deposit information from you to your readers. It is important that whatever information you have deposited through your essay remains focused, relevant and arranged in a chronological order. One thing you have to remember about essay writing through exposition is that your mindset must be that of a person trying to give information to readers who may not have any prior knowledge thereof. Your essay, in this manner, must be coherent, comprehensive and easy to follow through.

November 29, 2010 at 12:44 am by admin

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