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Creativity and Uniqueness in Essay Writing

Essay writing is relevant. It is important. Students need to write essays. They submit these as school term requirements and answer essay questions in tests. They are not required to do so without good reason. As learners, they need to know how to perform this writing exercise because they will use the knowledge in their future career and in life. Whether it be in school, work or personal affairs, essay writing requires creativity and uniqueness.

Writing essays in school, work or for personal purposes involve goals. You have an aim like informing, narrating, entertaining, proving a point, persuading or convincing. You can have one of these or a mix of two or more. Achieve you goals and working towards achieving them, your writing should be creative and unique.

Creativity and Uniqueness

Creativity and uniqueness may seem two similar concepts. They do have similarities but they are different in academic essay writing which is done in school and also outside it. The need to separate these two principles is called for when you write an essay the academic way whether you will use it for school or outside like in publications in print, the internet or even television, radio and again in the internet where publicity through audio and video. In the context of these media, creativity is the first step in uniqueness and the latter is required because of intellectual property rights.

Importance of Creativity

Creativity is the precursor of uniqueness. You achieve the latter through the former. In other words, being creative is important because it will enable you to come up with unique content. In academic writing, coming up with a unique output is required. To arrive at a unique output, you need to “create” ways to do so. You must be creative enough to be able to think of how you can write unique content. However, you need to be effective in being creative.

The goal of creativity is uniqueness. So that you will succeed in this, you should be able to arrive at a unique content. That is, the product of your “imagination” is different from those of others before and during your time. Writers or authors can be creative and come up with creative output but there is still a big possibility that these products are the same and not unique from one another.

Importance of Uniqueness

Uniqueness is the seal of creativity. It validates the creative process you performed to come up with such output. Overall, uniqueness is the aim of creativity. The reason why you want to be creative is you want to be unique. In academic writing and essay writing in general, you should aim to show that your output is unique. To do this, you have to use academic writing process and principles and follow its many rules. Otherwise, you will commit plagiarism. The absence or lack of uniqueness can be detected with the presence of duplicate content.

World Depleted of Unique Ideas

It can be said that there is very few things left undiscovered in the world because of its old age. Thus, uniqueness is very hard to achieve. However, even though it is very hard to come up with unique content, there is still a way to do so. There is one acceptable way to generate unique material and it can be done in ways more than a million. This is by derivation. There may be no more unique ideas left to think and create. Almost all may have been thought of and created before us. However, because of this, there is now a vast source of ideas that you can use to be able to come up with new “unique” ideas. Research ideas from these materials, choose those which you agree with or are interested in and use them to derive your own new unique idea and be able to write your own unique content.

You just need to show which are the ideas which are not your own. This is citation and referencing in the academic writing world. In other words, to show that your written content is unique, you need to show where it is not unique. This way, you will be able to avoid committing plagiarism. This procedure is not easy and custom essays are an academic nightmare of a requirement for students. However, nothing is too difficult with a good amount of hard and smart work and little help from true and capable friends.

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