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English Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers

Students who are non-native speakers of English can take courses to help them in writing in English especially for their coursework. Aside from coursework writing services, these courses are very helpful in students’ writing problems. This is because students can use their learnings as they have academic writing in their different subjects and in the academic years ahead of them. One course is offered by the University College London.

Courses like this are designed to specifically inculcate UK English academic writing practices in students coming from other learning environments. Students can expect to learn the practices for different types of texts. UCL designed its course to focus on lexis and syntax at the sentence level. Other aspects involved in courses like this are text cohesion and coherence and appropriate style, among others. These courses are very useful to students in making sure they know academic writing even though they use the help of coursework writing services.

Students get a great amount of help from them because these courses are aimed at improving their ability to perform in all writing tasks whatever specific field of study or programme they are in. Learnings from the modules in the course are suitable for course assignments and reports, examination essays and dissertations, UCL says in their website at

When the students finish English academic writing courses for non-native speakers, they should be able to understand and use the theories and conventions of academic writing, use logical and rhetorical strategies in effectively expressing ideas into writing, develop individual voice and persona and their own stand through writing and use appropriate strategies for unique assignments from unannounced examination essays to assigned coursework. Student need to have sufficient knowledge in academic writing especially for those tasks in when they cannot get the help of coursework writing services.

Yes, students can use the help of the writing services especially for the right reasons. However, they should not forget that academic writing is not simply a requirement for compliance. It is for their training which they will need when they practice their education and in life in a greater sense.

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