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Graduate Coursework Description

Your graduate degree course programme is composed of a list of coursework. In the list of the courses or modules in your programme, you will be given for each module its descriptive title, code used by your university to refer to it, its credit value, description and the means of assessment used for the module. The means of assessment is the coursework description and the description will guide you in satisfying it. You should use these information in making your writing requirement and in using coursework help for it.

1. Help – Using the description of the module you are writing in and the description of the means of assessment is great coursework help. It will help you and the persons helping you in coming up with an excellent submission. For example, a module or course in the Introduction to Holocaust Studies is described by the university as “A course examining the Holocaust in historical context. In the course, issues are explored including the concept of a holocaust, debates over the uniqueness of the Jewish Holocause and major issues in Holocaust historiography. The means of assessment is stated as one (1) seminar paper of 10,000 words.

2. Topic – In the given example, you will have to write a coursework which is a seminar paper not less than 10,000 words. You will be assessed through the work you have done in it. To do this, you will use as guide the given description. Thus, you will choose or compose a topic or title which you have picked out from the description given. Use the description as a guide. Give these information to the people giving you coursework help.

3. Coursework – Thus, using the sample course or module description, you will write a 10,000-word seminar paper with a topic or title drawn out from the general topic of the Holocaust. Specifically, you can identify issues regarding how the Jewish Holocaust is distinct and the Holocaust historiography and select one as your topic. There are also modules or courses in which you will have to write two short works. You may even have to write at least one work each for more than one course or module during the same school term.

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