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How to Write Social Science Essays

Writing social sciences essays is an integral part of your course since it is a requirement that gauges your knowledge and understanding of the things that had been discussed – two skills important to social science. While these skills can be acquired over time, there are ways to make writing social science essays less of a pain in the meantime.

Essay writing follows a formal structure, and this should find particular application if you are learning how to write social science essays.

Follow this guide on how to write social sciences essays and you could never go wrong:

  1. Getting started. If your instructor provided you with an essay question, the first step to take is to carefully read the instruction. Be sure you understand what is being asked. It would also help to underline the keywords as it helps to give direction on the right treatment to follow. These words can be analyse, assess, compare, contrast, criticise, describe, discuss, evaluate, examine, explain, illustrate, justify, outline and synthesise. While some keywords are synonymous to each other, the same may be asking for different approaches in writing the social science essay.
  2. Doing the preparation/research. The only way for you to substantiate your arguments with valid data is to get information from a number of sources: reference books, textbooks, class notes, videos, digital media and the Internet (be sure to use credible sources with authority in a certain field). This makes for a more comfortable essay writing process.
  3. Planning and writing the essay. Now that you have all resources ready, it’s time to plan your contents and draft your essay prior to writing it. As in social psychology essays, your essay should begin with an introduction that mentions the hypothesis and your expected response to it, followed by the body that attempts to establish the hypothesis, and ended with a conclusion that synthesises the entire paper.

Follow this guide and you should have no problem writing your social sciences essays.

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