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Online Coursework Management (OCM) User Guide

The online coursework management or OCM is an online assessment manager for online learning environments where students submit coursework which summarises their studies for the term. Simplicity in usage is the thrust in designing this system but it is more complex than the basic or standard assignment tool in the online learning environment. You can get some coursework writing tips from tutors and markers here.

To be able to get coursework writing tips in the OCM, you have to know some of its background. Important features of the OCM include the support of submissions which are anonymous and double-blind marking. It also allows markers to comment on work and provide feedback in the electronic medium. Further, it works with Turnitin plagiarism detection software. Here are some guidelines to help you familiarise yourself with the options you can use in the system and the whole process of setting up your own assignment submission.

Take note that the word “assessment” in the electronic learning environment refers to quizzes and larger coursework like essays are referred to as “assignments.” To guide you in using the system, the words assessments and assignments are best treated as the same. There are two new access roles in the learning environment. They are the assignment administrator and the assignment maker which are both used in the OCM.

The administrator role is intended for staff who need access to all the function in the system and create and administrate the assignments. The names of students are visible to administrators. On the other hand, the marker role is intended for staff who need to mark assignments but does not need to be nominated as the module convener or tutor.

Markers cannot see the names of students as the latter are labeled as anonymous when blind marking mode is switched on during the creation of the assignment. The rest of the existing roles like lead tutor and tutor can mark; however, the names of students are anonymised when blind marking is on use just like for the marker role. Lead tutors can create OCM assignments. You can get coursework writing tips from them.

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