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Both Research essays and research papers are common academic requirements especially in university study. In the course of completing a degree programme, students will complete dozens of research essays and research papers in different subjects at varying levels of study. These types of assignments contribute to the acquisition and development of students’ writing, research and argumentation skills. The writing produced from these assignments also serve as a gauge of the knowledge the student has acquired from the class lectures, if the student is actually absorbing the lectures and discussions being conducted. In terms of distinction between the two, a research essay is easier to write than a research paper because the latter typically requires more effort and time.

First of all, the writer must choose a topic that interests not only the essay’s intended readers but also the writer itself. A genuine interest in studying a chosen topic will make it easier for a student to conduct research and writing, at the same time making the experience productive and fascinating.

May 2, 2013 at 12:39 am by admin

Editing your own dissertation means that you need to perform many major steps which entail a huge amount of time and effort. First, you must review your work as a whole, then by chapter, by paragraph and then by sentence. In these steps you may need to make some revisions. These are only few of the big tasks. If you get the services of a professional dissertation editor, you can go about this principal phase of your endeavour with half the time and effort but with fully correct performance. You have a professional by your side. All you need to do is to make a brief review and editing on your own if you want and have your dissertation edited by the professional as early as possible. As soon as you have the editor, you can work with them to make sure that your thesis statement and specific goals are met. Students in coursework writing can also do this.

April 11, 2013 at 5:14 am by admin

Guidelines for undertaking coursework studies will help you in successfully completing your studies by coursework. The requirements can include literature review, minor project, research proposal, seminar presentation and coursework writing. You will discuss with your supervisor the details of the research project you will propose. After which you will immediately start the literature survey if you are accepted to the research option of completion. You can start the minor project in the same semester or after.

Function of the research option is to give you training on research methods which you will use in your research requirements in academics and your future professional career. You will accumulate actual experience which you will need in higher studies. If you choose the research option, you are expected to develop an approach to framing and addressing research questions which approach is critical and rigorous. You should also aim to develop skills necessary in independent research specifically regarding sampling design, data collection, data analysis and interpretation relating to the research field.

February 27, 2013 at 6:14 am by admin

Many students need English coursework writing help in writing their English coursework or any coursework written in English for that matter. Most of them are international students who do not have English as a first language. Even other students who know English well still need or want coursework writing help. Some universities held academic consultations during many times of the year.

The consultations are not proof-reading sessions. You will talk about rules in grammar and correct spelling errors during them. The university has courses specially made for these two areas. Instead, your writing will be scrutinised and errors you frequently or blatantly commit in your writing will be identified and discussed. You will use them when you proofread your own work. You will be the one to correct your own work.

January 18, 2013 at 12:55 am by admin

The online coursework management or OCM is an online assessment manager for online learning environments where students submit coursework which summarises their studies for the term. Simplicity in usage is the thrust in designing this system but it is more complex than the basic or standard assignment tool in the online learning environment. You can get some coursework writing tips from tutors and markers here.

To be able to get coursework writing tips in the OCM, you have to know some of its background. Important features of the OCM include the support of submissions which are anonymous and double-blind marking. It also allows markers to comment on work and provide feedback in the electronic medium. Further, it works with Turnitin plagiarism detection software. Here are some guidelines to help you familiarise yourself with the options you can use in the system and the whole process of setting up your own assignment submission.

November 15, 2012 at 5:22 am by admin

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