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Sports Scholarships in UK

Students who are talented and skilled in sports can study in the United Kingdom under scholarship fundings. They can play in the university teams and as an athlete for the country. UK Sport, which is the government created body responsible for investing public funds in high performance sport, offers scholarships to young athletes to complete their schooling while competing in sports.


UK Sport facilitates the TASS or the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme. It is a partnership between national governing bodies of sport and the Higher Education / Further Education Sector. The scholarship focuses on maintaining balance between academic life and training as a performance athlete. It aims to increase school retention of talented athletes. Student athletes are given help so that they can continue their education while not worrying about the expenses.


Funding for TASS is second to World Class Programmes funded by UK Sport. This means that student athletes are priority in terms of support. Athletes are recruited to fill in sports with ready funding and so that athlete requirements will be filled in. Applicants should show that they meet eligibility criteria so that they can be nominated for a scholarship which the specific governing body responsible for their sport will award. One requirement is for them to be pursuing a degree programme which is recognised and registered in an educational institution in the United Kingdom, specifically in England.

UK Sport

UK Sport is responsible for investing the Exchequer and National Lottery funding in Olympic sports. Differently abled athletes also qualify with the Paralympics. Both cases are funded under the World Class Performance Programmes.

University Scholarships

Sports scholarships in universities provide financial assistance and for the particular needs in higher education of athletes having excellent sporting abilities. Athletes are given exclusive benefits focusing on the provision of competitive training, opportunities, equipment and facilities. There are also holistic support for the student athletes. New athletes get to join holdovers who are of world class calibre.


Successful applicants to the scholarships generally receive cash award they can use to pay their tuition and other school expenses and do not need to worry about accommodation costs while studying as they are provided for this. They are also given sport science support, access to world-class sports facilities, fitness and injury rehabilitation, sports gear and promotion in media. With the complete support provided, sports scholars are not only athletic but also academic. They are being prepared for higher level sports and higher level schooling. They even develop their scholarly skills like writing sports essays among others.


Applicants must meet academic requirements for any course which qualify. They should pass the academic admission process first, usually with a conditional or unconditional place. Sporting achievement at junior international level or its equivalent in specially sports which are priority for the university. Those who does not qualify can still apply after one or more school terms when they can already do so.

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