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The Role of Students on their Coursework Essays

The role of students in completing their coursework assignments is very crucial. They are the ones being evaluated with the courseworks they submit. If they want to get better marks in their studies, they must also perform outstandingly in their coursework assignments, especially in their essay writing tasks.

In education theory, the learner is the central focus of the entire learning process. Consequently any activity carried out by an educator must make sure that it fosters the learning progress of the student. In more specific terms, a professor concerned can only proceed to another lesson that requires a higher level of comprehension if it can be determined with certainty that the students have already acquired the necessary learning inputs in the form of cognitive, psychomotor and affective skills required to proceed. Thus the professor can only determine how the students have progressed by using evaluative measures such as the essay and the dissertation writing projects. This is the reason why students should not take their courseworks for granted: if they performed well in their academic writing tasks, it almost always means that they have also performed well in class.

The student must make sure that their essays are well-researched and well-written before these are submitted to their professors for evaluation. It must contain objective facts that contain how much they have learned from the numerous lectures they have attended. These facts must be presented logically to elicit more favourable reactions from the intended readers. The essay must also exhibit higher cognitive levels of interpretative and analytical contents to prove that the students are prepared to proceed to a higher academic level.

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