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Ways of How to Deal with Your Fear of Writing

The fear of writing is a true, existent and relevant problem. Some students fail or achieve less in their schooling because they fear it and, in the process, not able to develop and improve in it and in their studies in general. The fear of writing is even the cause of the underachievement or failure of some people who are no longer in school and are now in the job market. They do not have the writing skills or the confidence to face written job application examinations to advance in their career.

Students, graduates and employees who fear writing should overcome it. There are many ways dealing with it. And the fear of writing is not only when you do not know how to write, you can also feel it even when you already know how to. There are fears of not being able to develop, improve and advance in this skill. These are the different fears of writing.


Face the fear. Everything starts with accepting the fact that you really do have a fear of writing. Together with this acceptance, you should also acknowledge that having writing skills is important and your lack of it because of your fear of it is hindering the learning and development that you should achieve. Before you actually face-off with the demon that is actually dealing with the writing task head on, you have to prepare for it. This, as mentioned, starts with acknowledging your problem and doing the actual work to solve it.


Start to learn. After realising that you have the fear and you should overcome it, do the first step of learning which may be small but very important. You will find out that this is all you need to be able to actually get something going for you and get things done. Enroll in a writing class or do a self-study. Much of the fear of writing is in the fear that you will not understand how to do it and so you have the fear that you will not be able to do it.

Overcome that fear of not understanding how to write and fear of not learning how to write. As early as this stage, you will be able to do basic writing or composition. These can be as simple as answering essay questions which are open ended and require answers ranging from one sentence to three or five. However, you still have a long way to go.


Develop the skill. Learning is just a start. You have to practice, use and apply your learning. Create a blog, contribute articles or simply write and give it to your friends to read. This time, the fear you are dealing with is the fear that your writing skill will not develop and you will be overtaken by others especially those who came after you. At this point, you will have to be able to overcome your fear of writing academic essays. However, you will still have struggles in doing so. But what is important is you will be able to attempt to write this demanding type of essay which you may need to do so for school. Still, you have all the time and chance to further improve yourself and better deal with your fear of writing in general.

Improve and Advance

Sharpen your skill. Raise your level. After you have developed as a writer or in your writing tasks as a student, you should continue to improving and advancing in this skill. It will be more than a skill; it will be a craft. You can attend workshops. Here, the fear is that you are afraid that you are not good enough to keep abreast with the others who are developing or have developed their skills. Again, you have a fear of writing and you should overcome it.

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