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Writing a Social Science Essay: Dealing with Interruptions and Disruptions

Getting distracted or interrupted while writing an essay on social science is one of the bad things that could happen to a university student. Students who get disrupted or interrupted while writing their academic compositions are likely to create a piece that could not impress their professors. What causes distractions and interruptions? How can students avoid them? If the distractions and interruptions cannot be avoided, can students at least minimize their effects?

Distractions and interruptions are typically not healthy especially when doing an academic project write writings essays on social science. It is primarily because they affect emotional, mental and physical state of a student. For instance, a student who is in the middle of thinking of ideas for her chosen topic may fail to capture those ideas if she is interrupted or disrupted. Likewise, a student who is rushing to write her essay may get mad or become angry if interrupted over an unnecessary matter. Also, a student who is currently on pace to writing the composition might lose her momentum along the way.

Anyhow, students should not view things like eating, sleeping, taking a bath and other needed tasks and activities as disruptions or interruptions.

People, animals, things, systems and events are among those that could cause interruptions and disruptions. For instance, one’s sister suddenly barging into her room while she is writing an essay on science could be a huge source of disruption or interruption. A friend who suddenly called to invite the student to hang out at some place could be an interruption. Likewise, a pet cat who jumped onto one’s lap while writing the composition could disrupt her flow of thought. Also, temptations like favourite TV shows, loud music and social media networks could provide the unneeded distractions. A loud banging noise from neighbours could also be a source of disruptions or interruptions.

Avoiding these interruptions and disruptions is possible, given the opportunities and the prompt action by students. For instance, to avoid being interrupted or disrupted at home, it would be advisable for a student to write her essay on social science inside her room, with doors locked. Likewise, it would also be advisable to get TV, music players and smartphones from the student’s sight and reach. Perhaps it would also be better to go to the university library, a quiet place ideal for accomplishing any academic task. If due to the circumstance that disruptions and interruptions cannot be avoided, one may take measures like masking unwanted noise or covering her ears with headphones.

Focus is very important in writing a good quality essay on social science. This is the prime reason why students need no unnecessary interruptions or disruptions in their writing work.

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