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Writing to Expound

How you are going to write your essay will largely depend on the set of instructions given for your essay writing assignment. It is very important that you completely understand the instructions given before starting with your essay writing task. You must be able to analyse the topic or instruction and identify the requirements and scope of work you are about to undertake. In this stage, you may start underlining the instruction word used and figure out if it requires you to expound or place an argument for your essay.

When you are writing to expound, you have to make a certain topic more understandable and comprehensive to your readers by explaining what this topic is all about. Its main aim is to deposit information from you to your readers. It is important that whatever information you have deposited through your essay remains focused, relevant and arranged in a chronological order. One thing you have to remember about essay writing through exposition is that your mindset must be that of a person trying to give information to readers who may not have any prior knowledge thereof. Your essay, in this manner, must be coherent, comprehensive and easy to follow through.

To give you additional essay help, here are some instruction words that will require you to use the expository technique of essay writing. The instruction words given will also tell you how exactly you are going to expound on the topic or issue that is being presented.

Analyse. When your professor asks you to analyse something, you are required to break down a concept into essential components to see how each component contributes or plays a part to the whole concept.

Compare and Contrast. You are asked to present parallels between two concepts by showing the similarities and differences between the two given concepts.

Classify. If you are asked to ‘classify’ something, you have to arrange or organise a certain concept by listing its class or category.

Define. To define is to state what a particular jargon, phrase, or thought means and what it does by giving its definition—the genus (what its common characteristics are) and the differentia (what distinguishes it from another concept).

Outline. When asked to outline, your essay must be able to provide main ideas on the concept presented.

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